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Targeting volume loss and signs of ageing, this product works outside the parameters of standard skin care to surge cells with intense hydration, nourishing fatty acids and unique collagen peptides to activate plump, healthy, voluminous skin.

Lift, plump, and brighten with the power of plant-based collagen, rich hyaluronic acids and active bakuchiol. Dynamic ingredient Pentavitin™ saturates skin with 72 hours of clinical hydration, locking in sustained moisture and skin glow.

Replicating a high-powered retinol, this product uses two-forms of clean, stable, natural Vitamin A to clinically accelerate cellular turnover, stabilise collagen production and intensely hydrate skin – without the drying or sensitivity.

Activated beetroot aminos and low-weight Hyaluronic acids, saturate skin cells with hydration to smooth and fill while Squalene, Macadamia and Jojoba act as a second-skin-seal to preserve 72 hours of skin bounce.



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